If You've Never Hired a Top-Notch Conversion Copywriter, Your Website Is Leaking Money Day and Night

Stop wasting money on "creative" copywriters. I use a research-based system to write copy that's laser-targeted to your ideal customers to get you more leads, make you more sales, and earn you more money out of the traffic you're already getting.


Hi! I'm Neil, your new Conversion Copywriter.

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Do You Know the #1 Most Efficient Way to Make More Money Online?

Your website pitches your product or service to potential customers around the clock, whether you're at work in the office, asleep in bed, or relaxing at the golf course. Your website is your company's biggest salesperson.

It makes sense, then, that improving the sales pitch on your website is the most efficient way to get more leads, sell more product, and make more money.

And that means hiring a top-notch conversion copywriter.

Say you get 10k visitors/month and your service costs $20. If I can increase your conversion from 2% to 2.5% (a modest and achievable goal), that's an extra $12,000 every year in your pockets. You don't have to do anything different at all.

Not only that, but my research can also give you actionable insights into what motivates your customers. These insights can help you improve every other area of your business (such as advertising, email marketing, and creating new products) to increase your profit exponentially.

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Conversion Copywriting Is Not an Art...It's a Science

Conversion copywriting sells.

Conversion copywriting--real copywriting, effective copywriting--doesn't just "sound good" or "build the brand" (though it often does). It's not necessarily funny, quirky, or witty (although it can be). It isn't what you want to say, but what the customer wants to hear.

My conversion copywriting system has as much to do with math and psychology as it does with English. It's an analytic approach that involves research and testing.


Most copy makes a stab in the dark. Mine takes a scientific and systematic approach to ensure that it's delivering the right message in a clear, specific, and memorable way. And I prove it all with A/B split tests that show, with at least 95% confidence, that my copy converts better than what's currently on your page.

If you hire me to write copy for you, this is the system I'll follow to give you a high-converting website:

1) Research your market, competitors, and customers using a variety of qualitative and quantitative methods.

2) Write copy that speaks to your customers' wants and needs.

3) A/B split test one or more new versions of each page against your current pages.

4) Replace your current page with the statistically verified best-performing version.

5) Based on what we learn in the test, suggest further split tests that might improve your conversion rates even further. (I can also run these tests for you for an extra fee.)

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Brock Flagstad, CEO of Channel Clarity
Brock Flagstad, CEO of Channel Clarity

My Availability

My waiting list typically extends from 3 weeks to 3 months. If you need copy faster than that, I may be able to bump you up for an additional rush fee; if not, I will be happy to refer you to a more junior copywriter with greater availability.

How Much Do I Cost?

I quote all clients on an individual project basis.

Be aware that my services are substantially more valuable, and thus expensive, than your typical web copywriter. The copy that I write for you is based on detailed customer research designed to improve your website's conversion rate.

(If you're just looking for a wordsmith to write something that "sounds good," there are far cheaper options out there. If that is what you're looking for, however, I would ask yourself whether or not that is accomplishing a business goal for your company.)

Dave Berns

So the results from the split test are below, and needless to say, I’m thrilled with the 45% lift!

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What Are My Qualifications?

  • I have 10+ years of professional writing experience as an Editor, Copywriter, Content Writer, and Senior Copywriter
  • I drive millions of dollars in sales through print ads for a high-profile client
  • I've worked with both startup and enterprise-level B2B and B2C companies
  • I have extensive SEO experience (I was a Senior SEO Copywriter for Sears)
  • I've collaborated on highly successful 2-minute infomercial spots
  • I'm the first person to ever be Certified in Conversion Copywriting by Copyhackers
  • I'm a Market Motive Certified Trained Practitioner in Conversion Optimization, PPC, Analytics, Mobile Marketing, and Display Advertising
  • I'm certified in Online Testing by MECLABS
  • I'm obsessed with digital marketing and optimization, and I'll work into the wee hours to make sure we get you a winner!

"If you're not hiring a professional like Neil to do your copywriting, you're leaving money on the table. His work has been a major factor in increasing our conversion rates. We couldn't be more please with the results that his work has delivered."

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Yes! Boost Your Site's Conversion Rate >>Email me to secure a spot in my waiting list

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